At LPJ Composite Stone we value our clients and we take good care of all our clients.   

The cupboard process starts with the measuring of a designated area. This is usually a time consuming process and each clients individual taste are taken in to account. We make sure to give the client all the possible suggestions to make this project a huge success. 

We have two ranges of melamine wood suppliers namely PG Bison and Novalam board suppliers. Thus promising a wide range of melamine wood color range to accompany all client choices.  With the melamine wood boards we use only Impact edgings to ensure that all cupboards last for as long as possible and gives quality to the final product.

We also provide our clients with the choice of 10 different patterns on the wrappe door range and a wide range of colors. Please note that the there may be a slight color difference between the melamine board color of the exposed panels and that of the wrappe door material.

Solid wood doors are manufactured from natural woods like, Cherry, Pine, Meranti, Rose wood and many more. The side panels are manufactured from veneer boards to lower costs but can also be manufactured form solid wood. A great alternative is to manufacture the doors from veneer boards and stain it to the color of the clients choice. Stain color are produce for each clients requirement and spray painted onto the product and sealed for a superior look.

Our paint technique door range from the new very popular New England Blue to the timeless whites. The finishes can either gloss or matt and we only use the best quality of paint on our products. For the doors we use a supawood base that are 100% paint able and stronger than normal chipboards. Customers have a choice of 16 to 25mm thickness on door and be also make patterns on the doors similar to the wrappe doors.      



Kitchens 003-1766.jpg 20160418180302-2882.jpg DSC00545-2408.JPG 20151210111942-1460.jpg Kitchens 013-694.jpg DSC01241-4373.JPG 20160530121421-2996.jpg 20160405132216-1079.jpg DSC01102-1161.JPG DSC01122-4877.JPG DSC01249-4381.JPG 20160324105738-2492.jpg WP20140501008-3575.jpg WP20140501002-2878.jpg 20160603094525-1055.jpg 20160606152516-2955.jpg 20160618110236-3585.jpg 20160603094525-2904.jpg 20160606152516-3857.jpg 20160618110236-2246.jpg DSC01247-3458.JPG 20160729133839-1028.jpg

Kitchens 003-1766.jpg

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